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Subject: FAQs

1. How do I join CFC?
Joining CFC is simple. You may join using your Visa or MasterCard by clicking on the Paypal link (Paypal provides one of the highest levels of credit card security on the Web today) and completing the payment form *after* you have completed the Crystal Fanatics Club Membership Application . Once you press *submit* on the CFC Membership application you will be given a link to Paypal. Once you submit your application a notification will be sent to the site administrator who will then review your application for acceptance upon completion of the transaction either with Paypal, Google Check-Out, or receipt of your check mailed to the address on the Membership Application form.

2. How do I renew my membership?
You will be emailed a bill automatically every year during the month of your "sign-up" anniversary date, ie., if you signed up on November 14, you will be mailed a bill for renewing your membership on or about the first of November the following year. You will be given until the end of your renewal month to renew your membership. Non-renewals are deleted as members of CFC on the first of the following month.

3. How do I update my membership information?
Go to "My Controls" on the CFC Message Board located at the TOP of the Boards. On the left hand side, page down to "My Profile" and click it. Fill in the information you wish to change, then click 'Amend my profile'. Wallah! It's also a good idea to email Pat@crystalfanaticsclub.com to let her know of any change in your email address. IF you have NOT filled out your Profile, DO IT NOW! :)

4. How do I cancel my membership?
Remember that after your 7 day grace period, NO REFUNDS are issued, and you will not be able to access the site for a period of 90 days.
To cancel your membership you must send your USERNAME and PASSWORD to member change.

5. Is it safe to use my credit card online?
When you use your credit card to shop on CFC, rest assured that the transaction is secure. Our servers use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), an advanced encryption technology that works with Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and AOL - all major browsers and service providers. This technology safeguards your personal information and guarantees privacy.

6. When will my credit card be charged?
Your credit card will be charged at the time you place your order. You will be notified by the administrator when your order has shipped.

7. How do I know my Membership application was received?
CFC will send you an order confirmation via e-mail.

8. How do I find out the status of my order?
Email pat@crystalfanaticsclub.com

9. When will I receive my Membership?
In most cases, your membership will become active the same day you apply.

10. How do I contact CFC?
JUST CLICK "Contact Us" located on the Blue Menus and fill out the form! We'll answer as soon as possible!

11. What is the "REFER A FRIEND" program?
Anytime you refer a friend to the CFC club site, you will be credited automatically with a $5.00 CREDIT toward next year's membership fee for EACH NEW MEMBER you have referred AFTER they JOIN and remain a member for 30 days! In effect, if you refer 5 members during the course of your membership year who remain members for 90 days, your membership to CFC is FREE! for the following year! This is our way of saying "THANK YOU!" for your referrals! Note: only 5 new referrals per year are allowed per member!

12. What is the difference between a "primary" and "secondary" market?
Any collectible still being produced, or that is a current item, is considered to be on the primary market. A collectible that has been retired or discontinued and, therefore, is no longer available on the primary market, is considered to be on the secondary market.

13. Who do you recommend to purchase Swarovski from the Secondary Market?
We are happy to recommend our long-time CFC Member and UK Chat Monitor, Alison (Crystalison), Owner of The Crystal Lodge. You can go to her website at:The Crystal Lodge

14. How do I care for my crystal?
It is safe to clean most collectibles with a mild soap solution in warm, not hot, water. Thoroughly rinse and dry each item. You also may use a feather duster or damp soft cloth for occasional cleaning. You can also use the Swarovski Cleaning Kit, available at your Retailer Dealer or Swarovski Showrooms. Do not use a dishwasher.
Personally, I think soap and water works BEST but there are "Chandelier Cleaners" on the market (Home Depot) that can be used. I line up each shelf on the dining room table, let it dry, place all the crystal back on the shelf and continue to the next shelf! (It's a time-consuming process that I can't ever seem to get completed in just one day! :)

15. How does an artist's signature affect the value of an item?
The presence of an artist's signature can increase the value of a collectible in the secondary market by 15 percent to 25 percent more than an unsigned pieces. I always add 15% to the current ERV for insurance purposes.
Factors that make a difference:
- Artist's status: When an artist is reaching the end of his or her career, and therefore participating in fewer signings, a signed piece will be more valuable. - Elusiveness: Signatures from artists who rarely agree to do signings are more valuable than their prolific counterparts.
- Remember to always purchase your collectibles from a "reliable" source, to ensure authenticity.

16. What are the Swarovski "logos"?
MOST Swarovski pieces are marked with a logo - this authenticates the piece as a real Swarovski issue. The old "SC" block logo was produced for the Silver Crystal line from 1976 to 1988, and replaced with the Swan logo in 1988 to the present time. These are known as "trademarks". Many of the other lines produced by Swarovski also have differentiating logos. It is NOT UNUSUAL to find older pieces dating back to the 70's and 80's WITHOUT a Swarovski logo.

17. Should I save my Swarovski Crystal original packaging?
Ah, the controversy rages on! Collectors will often tell you that they collect "crystal", NOT boxes! (you wanna see how many boxes are in my attic!) As a general rule, manufacturers generally design the original box to provide optimal protection during shipping. Boxes are important for storage purposes and for safety during transportation, such as when moving to a new home. Also, if you one day plan to sell your collectibles in a secondary market, having the original box will contribute to a higher value being placed on the piece by a buyer. IF it is an older piece and I want it, I BUY it! box or not! Older pieces often lose their boxes along the way. However, to answer the question without all these considerations! the answer is an UNEQUIVOCAL YES!

18. Should I insure my collection?
ABSOLUTELY! YES! There are many sources out there to insure your collection. CFC is PROUD to offer our U.S. Collectors insurance through the Association of Collecting Clubs (ACC) We are members! The program offers "All Risk" insurance for your collection at extremely reasonable premiums, especially priced for our CFC Members. Click here to find out MORE! Insurance

19. Will Swarovski fix my broken piece?
IF it is a current item on the primary market, YES! First, call your Swarovski Service Center, in the U.S. the phone number is 1-800-463-0211. You will be mailed a Return Authorization number and mailing form to return your item to them. Most current pieces carry a one year warranty.
~ IF it is retired, or a secondary market piece, NO! ~

20. Does CFC have a RECOMMENDED Swarovski Dealer where I can make my purchases?
We sure do! From a Premiere Swarovski Dealer who is also a CFC Member and good friend! The Crystal Fox Gallery! You can reach Nancy's website at Crystal Fox and tell her we sent you!

21. What is a MSR, ERV?
- MSR is Manufacturer's Suggested Retail price, or the initial price of an item when it is introduced to the marketplace, usually the primary market.
- ERV is Estimated Replacement Value, what it would cost to replace your retired or discontinued item on the secondary market. Be sure to insure your collection for its Estimated Replacement Value! See FAQ no. 19

22. Where can I get information on how much my piece is worth?
Right here on CFC!* Go to our Photo Galleries and all the information you need about any particular piece issued by Swarovski can be found there in our 'Crystal Collections' Photo Gallery, including the current value. This is included with your membership *FREE!* We update the values yearly, and we are VERY PROUD of the more than 7500 Photos in our Galleries.

23. What do I have to do to remain a "member in good standing"?
- Pay your membership fee! :)
- AVOID posting obnoxious, lewd, or insulting messages to any of the Message Boards on CFC. They will NOT be tolerated! are subject to immediate deletion, and will also subject your membership to immediate termination without refund of your membership fees.
- If you got a question that concerns any one member, including the Founders, have the common courtesy to email that person PRIVATELY! Although your opinions are respected at CFC, raging battles between members also will not be tolerated and are subject to the same deletions and termination of membership. PLEASE RESPECT the rights and feelings of your fellow members! WE STRIVE TO MAKE THIS A "FUN" PLACE FOR EVERYONE!

24. Will my yearly membership fees to CFC ever increase?
You can BET on it! CFC is more a "labor of love" than a commercial web site, although they could be considered both! It will always remain "a private paid subscription website", although most anyone is welcome to become a member. Because of its very nature, it is a time-consuming and expensive "labor of love". Several of our members devote countless hours as Volunteers to keep the site running, and we are FOREVER THANKFUL! to them for their efforts! Your membership fees KEEP CFC a FUN place to be - and, help DEFRAY expenses to keep it on the net. Your support of the site is very much appreciated, but nevertheless only covers about 20% of our operating costs. We THANK YOU! for your participation and HOPE you will ENJOY the site!

Click the "Contact Us" Link located on the Blue Menus anytime! and we'll try to answer your questions and ADD THEM to our FAQ's!

Pat King Founder

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